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MCS-SmartCal is a free online calibration management tool for new and existing customers.

The management tool inventories and catalogues a company’s calibration records and calibration cycles with automated due date recall. MCS-SmartCal holds calibration history and the information is stored online for accessibility anywhere at anytime in an easy to read format. Calibration certificates are generated in PDF format for downloads and printing by the customer.

Advantages Of Using MCS-SmartCal

  • Never miss a calibration – handles your calibration management.

  • Run paperless calibration – stores your certificates online allowing you to be audit ready at all times.

  • No installation required – log in to the online portal for immediate access.

  • Seamless booking system – arrange for your units to be picked up for calibration.

The MCS-SmartCal Process

The calibration process is easy and designed to suit you, below are the 6 steps of the calibration process.

Step 1. The calibration begins with you contacting us regarding calibration for your product. If you are a returning customer you will receive your annual calibration reminder, notifying you that your RF & microwave instruments are due for calibration.

Step 2. Once you’ve been in touch, we will schedule your instruments in to be calibrated for the most appropriate time that suits you.

Step 3. Once we receive your RF & microwave instrument, we will then check the instrument over to make sure it is good condition and there are no faults. We will then proceed with your RF & microwave instruments calibration.

Step 4. Once the calibration process is completed, we will perform multiple tests on the instrument to make sure the instrument is performing accurately.

Step 5. All the information about the instrument, including the calibration certificate, are uploaded to MCS-SmartCal for you to view and print.

Step 6. Your item will be repackaged and returned to you as soon as possible.

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